Wednesday 22nd May

15:00 CCI2*-L & CCI3*-L Trot Up
Nations Cup Draw

Thursday 23rd May – Gates open 8.00am

08:50 CCI2*L, CCI3*L and CCIO4*S International Dressage
10:00 Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse 4-Year-Olds (Main Arena)
13:30 Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse 5-Year-Olds (Main Arena)
16:00 Combined Training ( Main Arena & Kent & Masters Arena)
17:30 CCI3*YRL Trot Up

Friday 24th May – Gates open 8.00am

09:00 CCI2*L, CCI3*L & CCIO4*S International Dressage
09:00 British Showjumping (Kent & Masters Arena)
10:00 CCI3*YRL International Dressage
10:00 British Showjumping ( Main Arena)
10:00 Nags Essentials Unaffiliated Showjumping (Nags Essentials Arena)
16:30 Arena Eventing 100cm (Kent & Masters Arena & Nags Essentials Arena)

Saturday 25th May – Gates open 8.00am

08:30 CCI04*S International Dressage
08:30 – British Show Jumping (Main Arena)
09:00 CCI2*L International Cross Country
09:00 British Show Jumping (Kent & Masters Arena and Nags Essential Arena)
13:00 Unaffiliated Showjumping in the Nags Essential Arena
13:35 CCIO4*S International Showjumping (Main Arena)
13:35 CCI3*YRL International Cross Country
15:17 CCI3*L International Cross Country
16:00 Oxford – Cambridge Varsity Trophy Match (Kent & Masters Arena)

Sunday 26th May – Gates open 8.00am

07:30 CCI2*L, CCI3*L & CCI3*YRL Trot Up
08:30 British Showjumping (Kent & Masters Arena)
08:30 Pony Club Showjumping (Nags Essentials Arena)
09:30 CCI2*L International Showjumping (Main Arena)
10:00 CCI40*S International Cross Country
13:00 CCI2*L Mounted Prize Giving (Main Arena)
14:00 CCI3*YRL International Showjumping (Main Arena)
15:15 CCI3*YRL Mounted Prize Giving (Main Arena)
15:22 CCI3*L International Showjumping (Main Arena)
CCI3*L Mounted Prize Giving & CCIO4*S Unmounted Prize Giving