Keyflow Feeds are the new title sponsor for Barbury Castle International 2022

Posted on June 27, 2022 by Categories: News Story

Keyflow feeds are a super-premium horse feed company based in Marlborough, Wiltshire. Established in 2012 and this year celebrating 10 years of supporting horses and their owners achieving and exceeding their goals! Keyflow Feeds believe in a better way to feed horses. Utilising technological advances and the highest quality ingredients to support our purpose:

 To help horses be the healthiest they can be, allowing them to perform, behave, look, and feel beyond expectation.

A horse-centric ‘Feed for Need’ is at the essence of Keyflow feeds. Transforming your horse’s health means a lot to our team, and to you! Keyflow offers technical nutritional support for all equine life stages, with specialist nutritional advice tailored to you and your horse. Offering a range that starts at conception with Stud and Breeding, following through to those interested in Leisure and your horses overall Wellness, Sport and Performance whatever your chosen discipline, including Racing with the BlackType® range now available, Keyflow feeds offer a unique and forward-thinking approach to feeding your horse.

Keyflow Pink Mash® has been supporting horses across the disciplines for a decade! We invite you to visit the Keyflow stand to share with us your horses’ requirements, get to know the Keyflow team and product range and receive free nutritional advice and samples tailored to your horses’ needs.

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