Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse classes

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The Dubarry Burghley Young Event Horse classes took centre stage on the opening day of the Saracen Horse Feeds Houghton International. 

It was nearly a clean sweep for JP Sheffield in the Five Year Old class. He  had five horses competing, four of which finished in the top five. 

Miss Moneypenny topped the leaderboard with 91 points, followed by Horatio in second and Midnight Blue in third, both on a score of 88. MHS Africa took fifth place behind Ginnie Turnbull and Jesmond Rainbow.

Miss Moneypenny is a 16.2hh mare who has been with JP for only a few months, and he says she is a pleasure to have in the yard.

She is a lovely straightforward horse and very easy to ride.”

JP and Miss Moneypenny were also triumphant last week at Rockingham International. 

“She’ll go away now and have a little holiday before coming back for Burghley.  We will train her to event but won’t start her until next year,” said JP.

Sue Dyson, the judge who made the final decision on suitability and potential, said the overall performances and the ability of Miss Moneypenny and 4-year-old winner Flipper de Revel (rode by Sophie Miller) stood out. 

“It was their overall stamp of a horse, their balance and the quality of their paces which I think will make them (potentially) not only good event horses but also give them longevity,” she said.

“Because they move in balance they move lightly, and I think that it’s really important for an event horse to have a long career, not just be here today and gone tomorrow.” 

Sue explained that these horses are still babies who have a long way to go, however as of now, they look like they have bright futures ahead of them. 

“It is early days obviously because all sorts of things can go wrong but the winners in both age groups were very nice horses that I would, and anyone would, like to take home.”

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