Sunday 29  September 2019

Unaffiliated 80cm, 90cm and 100cm ODE


 Saturday  14th and Sunday 15  September 2019

BE100, BE100Open, BE90Open, BE90, N, ON, I

Cholmondeley Castle. Cheshire

 Saturday  27th and Sunday 28  July 2019

I, OI, OIu21, BE100Open, BE90, BE100, N, ON

Barbury International, Wiltshire

Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 July 2019

N, ON, CCI-S 3*, CCI-S 4*, IN.

Saracen Horse Feeds Houghton International

Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 May 2019

CCI-S O4*, CCI-L 3*, CCI-L 2*, CCI-L YR3*

Whitfield Horse Trials

Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 34 April 2019

N, ON, BE100, BE100 Open, BE90, BE90 Open, BE80(T)

British Eventing update on Equine Influenza vaccinations 22/2/19: