Cholmondeley Castle, Malpas, Cheshire, United Kingdom, SY14 8AH


Saturday 31st July & Sunday 1st August 2021


Event Organiser – Musketeer Event Management Ltd
Contact Musketeer Event Management Ltd
Phone: 01485 210070

Entries Secretary – Mrs Vanessa Luff
Contact Mrs Vanessa Luff

BC BE80(T)SaturdayBE98 (2018)£76.37£11.30£87.67£12.00£18.00Enter
BC BE90SaturdayBE98 (2018)£76.37£11.30£87.67£12.00£18.00Enter
BC BE100SaturdayBE109 (2018)£76.37£11.30£87.67£12.00£20.00Enter
BE90SaturdayBE97 (2016)£76.37£11.30£87.67£12.00£18.00Enter
BE90OpenSaturdayBE97 (2016)£76.37£11.30£87.67£12.00£18.00Enter
BE100SaturdayBE106 (2012)£76.37£11.30£87.67£12.00£16.00Enter
BE100SundayBE106 (2012)£76.37£11.30£87.67£12.00£16.00Enter
BE100OpenSaturdayBE106 (2012)£76.37£11.30£87.67£12.00£20.00Enter
ISundayI117 (2009)£120.54£17.84£138.38£12.00£25.00Enter
NSundayN111 (2010)£88.04£13.03£101.07£12.00£20.00Enter
OISundayI117 (2009)£120.54£17.84£138.38£12.00£25.00Enter
OIu21SundayI117 (2009)£120.54£17.84£138.38£12.00£20.00Enter
ONSundayN111 (2010)£88.04£13.03£101.07£12.00£20.00Enter


By kind permission of The Marquess Cholmondeley
Entry Fees include VAT. VAT Reg No 797 835 161. A waitlist will be maintained.

Refund Policy All entries withdrawn by email or in writing before ballot day will receive 100% refund.
After ballot date, all entries received before ballot date and withdrawn that are replaced will receive a refund minus an administration fee of £12 plus VAT, as per rule 4.11.2.
All entries made after ballot date and subsequently withdrawn before the Entry Amendments date, that are replaced, will have a 75% refund.
ALL withdrawals in writing to 
No refunds will be made after Entry Amendments date and all withdrawals must be made or confirmed in writing to . A waitlist will be held. Please note all refunds will be issued within three weeks post-event.
COVID REFUND POLICY – If the event is cancelled due to COVID please refer to the MEM COVID REFUND POLICY available on our website.

Competition Numbers – Competition numbers are to be printed at home are can be downloaded from  only ALL competitors MUST compete using the event branded numbers NO other numbers will be accepted. 

Entry Amendments must be made in writing to  by 26/07/2021 08:00

Starting Times will be available from 29/07/2021. Starting Times available online at


On-site stabling is available as one price for the duration of the event available Thursday to Saturday night.  Cost of £120 inc VAT this includes a £5 charge for biosecure cleaning of the stables prior to arrival provided by Equine Bio Genie (  
No refunds after the ballot date

Some local stabling is available. Please book directly with the owner. 

Contact NameTelephone NumberEmail Address
Chantal SiddleTel: 01948 710959 | Mob: 07852 149555 
Fiona Warrington(2 small stables)07811 374550 
Katherine Diggle01829 751297
Fiona Rowland07970 000590
Henrietta Thomas07713 886961
Di Woolley / Laura Cardwell07718 248718 
Sue Stratton01829 260300
Jane Windsor07721 599036
Mouse Barlow07808 763823
Susie King07802 353019


Cholmondeley Castle Horse Trials will be running on the 31st July & 1st August 2021 and we very much look forward to welcoming spectators back this year.

There will be on event measures and protocols designed to safeguard everyone’s health and wellbeing during the current and continuing COVID-19 situation, by entering the event you are agreeing to adhere to these protocols and help us to ensure that eventing can continue in a safe and appropriate manner.

All pre-event and on event protocols will be provided on the acceptance of entries as well as being  available on the website;

The event site has been altered slightly – Please be aware when arriving.

In the case of Abandonment please phone 01485 210070. Please make sure you check social media for updates.

All-Terrain Vehicles/Motorcycles will not be permitted except those used by authorised Officials.

Dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times.

Entrance Policy – Please see for the most up to date policy.


Hot and cold refreshments available throughout the event. Their social distancing measure will be in place, these will need to be followed at all times.
Please see our website: for a full B&B listing

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