**CANCELLED** Pony Club National Championships

Event details

  • Thursday | 13 August 2020 to Monday | 17 August 2020
  • 7:00 am
  • Cholmondeley Castle, SY14 8AH

PLEASE READ: The Pony Club Abandonment FAQs

General Stabling Information: 

A stable needs to be booked for every individual horse going to stay onsite. Stables are available from the night of Wednesday 14th August to Tuesday 20th August.

For each horse select the number of nights you need to book, then continue to the next stage where you will be asked to specify which nights you wish to book as well as the details for both horse and rider.

To add additional nights or amend a booking please email the office (info@musketeer.co.uk) stating your original booking information, which pony/ponies you are referring to and what amendment you wish to make to your booking.

1 night                               £60

2 nights                             £93

3 nights                             £126

4 nights                             £145

5+ nights                          £150

Stabling prices will include ONE camping vehicle pass which will not need to be purchased separately when booking a stable. Camping can be purchased separately for any additional vehicles at £11 per vehicle per night.

Stables are available from 18.00 daily and must be vacated by 16.00 at the latest. All stables are to be left mucked out. Failure to vacate by 16.00 or leaving the stable dirty will result in a £30.00 fine which will be sent directly to the branch/centre concerned.

All on-site stabling is in temporary stables provided by Cheval Starbox. All stables have full door grills. Stall guards may be used during the day, however all stable doors need to be closed overnight.

Bedding is not included, however shavings and haylage will be available to purchase on-site from the Stable Manager. Price per bale: Bedmax Shaving – £8.00 inc VAT. Haylage – £15.00 inc VAT

Should you plan to stable overnight on Tuesday 20th August, please be aware that you may have to relocate stables in order to facilitate the safe removal of some on-site stables. If you are affected, every attempt will be made to keep disruption to a minimum.


Qualifying does not automatically guarantee an onsite stable.

Musketeer Event Management and The Pony Club will do our utmost to try and accommodate everyone, however onsite stabling is limited. Once full we can offer details of local stabling, but it is your responsibility to organise this directly with the host.

Musketeer Event Management reserves the right to close entries for onsite stabling at any time before the closing date – Friday 9th August. Ideally, on-site stabling and camping should be booked within 24 hours of qualifying for the Championships.

Please do not book unnecessary nights stabling if you are not going to occupy them, this may result in others not having the opportunity to stable onsite. In addition, stabling must not be booked prior to receiving a qualification for the Championships.

Musketeer Event Management will try to allocate competitors next to their Pony Club Branches and Areas where possible, however this is not guaranteed.

No refunds for stabling or camping will be issued after Friday 9th August.  Any withdrawals prior to this date will potentially only be eligible for refunds where a veterinary certificate or other relevant documentation can be provided. All refunds will be issued within three weeks post event.

Musketeer Event Management and The Pony Club will not tolerate any threatening or verbal abuse. Any such behaviour will be reported and may result in the disqualification of The Pony Club concerned and removal from the site. CHAMPIONSHIPS CODE OF CONDUCT – CLICK HERE.

If you amend your booking at a later date, please be aware this may affect your original booking.

No motorised bikes or scooters will be allowed on site.

Championship Vaccinations

No horse may take part in the Championships unless it complies with the vaccination rules (please see individual sport rule books or Page 25 in the Health and Safety Rule book; https://www.pcuk.org/uploads/vaccs_rule_18.pdf ). The record of vaccination in the Horses passport MUST be completed by the appropriate veterinary surgeon in which the record of injections is completed signed and stamped line by line.

Passports and vaccination records MUST be presented by ALL competitors at the Vaccination checking point before any horse takes part in any competition. In the event of any potential discrepancies these will be assessed by a formal panel of trained professionals. If these discrepancies do not meet  the required vaccination rule then the competitor will not be able to compete and will be required to leave the site.  The panel’s decision is final.

At the Cholmondeley Pony Club Championships 2019  a valid passport and vaccination record must accompany the horse to site – whether they are using the stabling or coming for the day.


How to Book Off-Site Stabling:

We also have other off-site stables hosts, please email (info@musketeer.co.uk) the office for more details, however please feel free to source your own stabling if preferred. Please note that all off-site stabling bookings are the competitor’s responsibility to organise with the host for further information please see the T&C’s both MEMand TPC.

How to Book Camping:

CAMPING for ONE vehicle is included in the stabling cost, ONLY BOOK FOR CAMPING FOR ADDITIONAL VEHICLES

Camping can only be purchased online at www.musketeer.co.uk
Camping is charged at £11.00 per vehicle per night.

General Camping Information:

Each camping space is for one vehicle i.e. lorry with awning or car/trailer with tent. Any additional vehicles will be required to park in the public car park, which is a short distance from the camping field.

Camping passes will be issued in advance and must be displayed on arrival.

If you are leaving your vehicle/trailers onsite but are not using them for accommodation, you are not required to purchase camping, however you will be required to park in a separate area.

Please be aware that you are allowed to camp onsite even if you have local stabling.

There is no hook up available

Terms and conditions; MEM  PCC

Contact Information:

All enquiries regarding stabling and camping should be directed to Musketeer Event Management. The office will be open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Email: info@musketeer.co.uk / Telephone: 01485 210070

Please note that due to the large quantity of bookings the best method of contact is via email.