Tri-Star Eventing

Tri-Star Eventing



Stuart Buntine of Bede Events and Alec Lochore of Musketeer Event Management have joined forces to launch an excellent array or prizes across all levels of the sport. Alec and Stuart are excited to be working together to produce opportunities for followers and supporters of eventing.

“As multiple event organisers and past competitors, Stuart and I are only too aware of the costs involved, both in competing and in ‘running the show’,” said Alec. “Facilitating opportunities like this, I hope to show competitors that we are responding to their concerns regarding the level of prize money available in the sport and rewarding them for their skill and dedication.”

“To have such enthusiastic support from a number of companies to support our aims is fantastic,” added Stuart. “We are working on further additions to enhance all those supporting and participating in the sport.”

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